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Forced Order
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Tommy DeVito, Joey LaMotta, Nicky Santoro
Luke Jackson, John Rooney, Henry Gondorff
Jules Winnfield, Mace Windu, Frozone
Vito Corleone, Terry Malloy, Stanley Kowalski
Forrest Gump, Paul Edgecomb, Sheriff Woody
Man with No Name, Harry Callahan, Walt Kowalski
Patrick Bateman, Bruce Wayne, Dicky Eklund
Tom Hagen, Bill Kilgore, Mac Sledge
Vincent Vega, Tony Manero, Danny Zuko
Michael Corleone, Tony Montana, Sonny Wortzik
Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell, Ethan Hunt, Jack Reacher
Tyrone 'Clean' Miller, Morpheus, Ike Turner
Rick Blaine, Charlie Allnut, Sam Spade
Fletcher Christian, Rhett Butler, Charles Stewart Parnell
John McClane, Butch Coolidge, John Hartigan
The Terminator, John Matrix, Conan
Tyler Durden, Rusty Ryan, Billy Beane
Lucius Fox, Ellis Redding, Nelson Mandela
'Sport' Matthew, Mr. White, Winston Wolfe
Jack Dawson, Dom Cobb, Jay Gatsby
Dr. Strangelove, Jacques Closeau, Chance
Lester Burnham, John Doe, Roger 'Verbal' Kint
Max Rockatansky, Martin Riggs, William Wallace
Travis Bickle, Jimmy Conway, Jake LaMotta
The Narrator, Derek Vinyard, Aaron Stampler

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