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flower_________________What item persuaded 'mystery' to approach spongebob?
 what retirement home do mermaid man and barnacle boy live at?
 What direction does spongebob usually turn to go to the krusty krab?
 What color is the krusty krab floor?
 How many curse words do pirates have?
 What does mr.krabs call curse words?
canadianWhat punk rockstar re-sung the spongebob theme song?
more then 80% less then spongebobsSquidwards on time percentage at work?
 What city was spongebob mayor of?
 what street does spongebob live on?
4 different answersWhat does patrick,spongebob,sandy and mr.krabs live in?
 What is the defect of 'pretty patties'?
simple nameWho is the ultimate jelly fisher?
 What do mermaid man and barnacle boy drive?
 What is the announcer of bikini bottom
 What is the first line of the song sang in the spongebob movie when they become 'men'
S.S _______________________What is the name of Mr.Krabs boat?
Put price in brackets and write amount ex dollars or centsWhere does spongebobs body guard buy his fake mustache at and how much did it cost?
 What was Mr.krabs nickname as a boy?
 Initials of surfer who rides the 'big one'?
T________ and M________What is King Neptunes son and daughters name?
More then 300What is squidwards house address in tentacle acres?
1990'sAiring year?
Planktons idea (put second answer in bracket)In 'Spongebobs last stand' what was replacing jelly fish fields and where were they dragged after protesting?
krusty_______________Name of the krusty krab hotel?
a fewHow many eyelashes does spongebob have on each eye?
 What triggers a sea rhino attack
involves krusty krabTitle of the first spongebob episode?
 Where does Gary first spot the snail he falls in love with?
Proper termWhat race is spongebobs dad?

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