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In a eukaryotic cell, chromosomes are contained in the ________.
In a prokaryotic cell, chromosomes are contained in the ________.
The ER includes membraneous tubules and internal, fluid-filled spaces called ________.
Which side of the Golgi is located near the rER? cis or trans?
What are the primary constituents of the extracellular matrix?
What makes up the lining of the nuclear lamina? a)microtubules b)microfilaments c)intermediate filaments d) fibrous membrane e)all of the above
All of the following are differences between RNA and DNA EXCEPT: a)Circular/long linear DNA b)animal/plant cells c)unicellular/multicellular d) few or no organelles/organelles e)al
How does a growing plant cell elongate? a)Undergoing meiosis to produce more cells b)Producing a secondary plant cell wall c)Producing more cellulose d)Copying more DNA e)Taking up
What is the function of microtubules? a)Provide the supporting framework for the protein b)Serve as tracks for motor proteins c)Maintenance of cell shape d)Cell motility (as in cil
What type of cell would contain more mitochondria? a)very active cell b)barely active cell
What are two parts of the cell that has a double bilayer?
Proteins that have carbohydrates covalently bonded to them
What is a large organelle that stores, breakdown waste product and is only in plant cells?
What is the main thing that eurkaryotes have that prokaryotes do not?
What part of the cell is made out of actin and what is it for?
What are the bridges between cell walls called?
Cells have ________ membranes.
What is the function of a motor protein?
What are the 3 parts of a plant cell wall?
What cell surface receptor proteins do fibronectin and other ECM proteins bind to?

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