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1Christopher Nolan
2Christopher Nolan
3*Dean Dublois, Chris Sanders
4Frank Darabont
5J.J. Abrams
6Steven Speilberg
7Peter Jackson
8George Lucas
9Irvin Kershner
10Jon Favreau
11David Yates
12Peter Jackson
13Francis Ford Coppola
14Peter Jackson
15Irvin Kershner
16Steven Spielberg
17*Brad Bird
18George Lucas
19*Rob Minkoff
20Christopher Nolan
21Paul Greengrass
22Steven Spielberg
23Neill Blomkamp
24*Pete Doctor, Bob Peterson
25Clint Eastwood
26Francis Ford Coppola
27Steven Spielberg
28*Andrew Stanton
29Martin Scorsese
30Matthew Vaughn
31James Cameron
32John McTiernan
33Robert Zemeckis
34Robert Zemeckis
35*Andrew Stanton
36David Yates
37John G. Avildsen
38Richard Marquand
39*John Lasseter
40Guillermo del Toro
41Steven Spielberg
42Steven Spielberg
43Jonathan Demme
44David Yates
45The Wachowski Brothers
46Mel Gibson
47Gore Verbinski
48Martin Campbell
49Christopher Nolan
50Ridley Scott
51James Cameron
52James Cameron
53*Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise
54Ruben Fleischer
55Alfred Hitchcock
56M. Night Shyamalan
57*Brad Bird
58*Pete Doctor, David Silverman
59Lee Unkrich
60Sylvester Stallone
61Bryan Singer
62*Ron Clements, John Musker
63Richard Marquand
64Martin Scorsese
65Len Wiseman
66Pierre Morel
67Sam Raimi
68Victor Fleming
69Ridley Scott
70Milos Forman
71*Andrew Adamson
72Andrew Davis
73Edgar Wright
74Robert Wise
75*Multiple (Led by David Hand)
76James Cameron
77James Mangold
78Miloš Forman
79Clint Eastwood
80David Fincher
81Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris
82Kenneth Branagh
83Joss Whedon
84*John Lasseter, Lee Unkrich, Ash Brannon
85Frank Darabont
86Mike Newell
87Steven Spielberg
88Barry Levinson
89Quentin Tarantino
90Darren Aronofsky
91Victor Fleming
92Alfonso Cuarón
93Curtis Hanson
94Zack Snyder
95George Lucas
96Christopher Nolan
97Nick Stoller
98Marc Forster
99Rob Reiner
100James Mangold

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