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Forced Order
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No need to fear what you can't avoid
But on the horizon
And I'm gonna keep what counts
I just wanna say
That weirdo with five colours in her hair
That's the way the story goes
Little Joanna's like a laser beam sky
How did we get this way?
Try to justify
The first time that I saw her she stole my heart
Its been this way for a while
You gotta know the truth
When all the luxuries she owns should be mine
Unaware that she's hurting bad and lying very still on the floor by the door
I give up
Now I wanna put it back together
There's a thousand lines
Let there be love
So many things that i don't understand
Now I'm on my own
She breaks down
I won't run
We're in the thick of it
I thought that you knew now
Whenever we're far apart
LyricFollowing LyricSong
She throws another dart
And I want her to know
And I know that there's not long to go
I never will be good enough for her
And everything I feel for you
I can't get enough of you
And you'll be unaware
You think you're strong
Then I guess it's time to take
She's out of my league
Then you whispered in my ear and you told me to
Get them in the garden quick
When you're guaranteed to fall
You can never talk to me
The back of her mind
When you’re not next to me
But I'll be fine
Time is running out
I know she cares
Followed us here from home
We can take it or die
Along the way
That she's moved town
We're going to lose
Don't know how i'm gonna get through

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