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Can you name the lyrics that some next in this Tobuscus song?

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Literal LyricsWhat Comes Next
Introductory helicopter nature shot.
Second helicopter introductory nature shot.
Careful Harry, he doesn't have a nose.
And he needs a nose.
And some new glasses.
Don't sleep yet, Harry, he's gonna kill you...
Spell, dodge, too many passengers.
How does that hold him up?
Pan up, pointy roof.
This movie is extremely important.
Dramatically raise hand.
Slowly look left.
Literal LyricsWhat Comes Next
Back up in a library.
Dragon's pissed. Weasley's scared of a bunch of bad guys,
You've gotta buy two tickets.
Run throw exploding.
Be careful with that stick, too late.
Downhill people running FLEX.
Chase that fire you wizards.
Look out Harry, too late got him.
Part 2, July 2 burning.
Wave hand, upskirt, windy, kissing
Blow up the town.
Zoom, huge shiny P,

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