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Can you name the Can you name what comes next in these Tobuscus Literal Trailer Lyrics??

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Pan cross ocean,
Someone's not good at lighting torches.
Corona commercial set.
Ready the tattered holy sail...
Hot hot hot hot hot hot NOT
Slow fade-in, Jack negotiating.
Jerry Bruckheimer, there's an archway.
Mutton-chops stand up, cut.
now he's walkign to a meeting.
Did you see that? Two shot.
(Still drunk.)
Pirate peg-leg.
Make an agreement, cheer, mermaids,
Rotating zombie-boat captain is too hot.
he's taking the boat.
by stabbing the door.
And director Rob Marshall.
Jack warns his crew not to make out with hot water-ladies.
then take what you can get.
Point your sword forward.
Stab the table by a candle.
The mermaid looks less hot nowww....
When he calms down,
Jack jumps up, lean.
Ian McShane shoots some fireballs at a guy sitting on a boat.
Swinging a sword at a hot pirate's basically first base
This summer, get ready to DANCE!
Explosive boat, hold a rope, don't tailgate him.
Look down, don't waterfall.
Falling and falling and falling and falling and falling and falling
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