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Lear's plan for the Kingdom
Goneril's hyperbole
Nihilistic prolepsis
Cordelia goodness
Kent bit rude
Duty, flattery and plainness
Kent on sight
The sister's abilities
Cordelia's prediction
Regan on Lear's age
Edmund's master
Gloucester's astronomy
Edmund's opinion of astronomy
Edmund's plan
Oswald's insult
Fool egg
Lear, daughters's reversal
Lear identity
Fool, Lear identity
Knock, knock
Infertility curse
How bad it is to have bad kids
Lear no want to be mad
Edmund ironic bond talk
Kent plain
Lear on Kent's stocking
Fool on parent's wealth
Pathetic fallacy
Lear creates storm
Storm nihilism human progress x2
Storm justice
Lear justice balance
New order
Storm making Lear mad
Lear poor peeps
Mental storm + ingratitude
Man bare
Cornwall justice
Gloucester beard
Gloucester begins to see (when blind)
Servant's opinion
Edgar on flattery
Things must get better
Why we age according to Edgar
Gloucester on sight
Gloucester on the gods
Gloucester on the current situation
Goneril sexy talk
Albany's condemnation x3
Cordelia master of passion
Cordelia saint
Cordelia sacrifice
Cordelia on the war
Competition for Edmund's marriage
Tragicomedy on Gloucester hill
Edgar poetry on cliff
Edgar's reasoning
Edgar christ
Transformative effect of storm
Nihilism birth
Parent reversal
Cordelia on the storm
Lear's hellish torture
Lear and Cordelia kneel
Lear's prison plan
Lear on Kings
Edgar thinks justice is done
Edmund wheel of fortune
Kent on Lear's torture
Final lines

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