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What does Rachel go and eat when they are playing american football?
What does Chandler say Rachel looks like when she is going to Barry's wedding in pink?
Pheobe compares Ross and Rachel to an animal couple, which animal is it?
Joey has to look very young for one of his auditions, what age does he have to act?
What is Monica's boyfriend' nickname? ( the one who drinks a lot)
When the friends play the endless game of passing the ball, who makes them all lose?
When Joey writes a recomendation letter to help Chandler and Monica adopt a baby, how does he sign the letter?
One of Chandler's colleagues calls Chandler by a different name, what is this name?
When Joey reads a scary book, where does he hide it to feel better?
who are the nap partners?
where does the cheesecake that Chandler and Rachel eat from the floor come from?
when ross falls asleep with rachel and needs space he has a move that he teaches to chandler, what is it calles?
Joey poses for an ad, what is the ad for?
When the friends are late to Monica's thanksgiving dinner, they refer to something Monica has when she is angry , what is it?
What medical issue does Joey have when Phoebe gives birth?
What does Ross draw on rachel's face on the plane ride to las vegas?
How many characters acted in a porno movie?
What song does Marcel the monkey love to listen to?
In order to keep Rachel from getting into the plane in the last season, Pheobe says there is something wrong with something on the plane, what is it? (give the name she gives only)
What is Joey's stuffed penguin's name?
Where does Phoebe throw up when she goes to dinner at Mike's parents house?
What kind of porn does Monica think Chandler watches?
When Chandler and Monica want to adopt a baby, they lie about their professions, What do they claim to be?
where do Ross and Rachel first kiss?
How many times does Ross and Monica's nana die?

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