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Where did Cory and Topanga meet?Intermediate
What did shawn blow up in season 1?Easy
what is the university they all went to?easy
How many A s the Topanga has?Hard
what was eric's theory about friendship?Intermediate
What car do they drive in the title sequence of season 4?Easy
Who makes the feeny caall?easy
What is the name of cory's little brother?intermediate
What does shawn buy for cory when he works for the mob?Hard
Who does topanga live with after season 4?easy
What other college does topanga get accepted to?Intermediate
What does topanga do when cory thinks he's ugly?intermediate
What does mr.turner teach about in his first class?hard
name of the feared bully?intermediate
When did jack first appear?hard
Which character of the gang did not live in jack's apartment?easy
which two characters were replaced by another actor?hard
what was alan's job in the first part of the show?easy
name of shawn's pig?hard
What is the name of the restaurant the gang ways goes to?easy

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