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Can you name the Vulture's 100 Most Valuable Stars of 2014

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The Girl on Fire
Marvel's Main Man
The Drama King
The Out-of-This-World Superstar
The Consistent Veteran
The Commanding Presence
Mr. Nice Guy
The Costumed Conundrum
The Golden Boy
The New Leading Man
The Beefcake With Brains
The Bourne-Again Star
The Man of the Year
The Entertainer
The Question Mark
The Caped Crusader
The Completed Comeback
The Bygone Batman
The Image Problem
The Savvy Sweetheart
The Go-To God
The Elder Statesman of Action
The Transformer
The Hippie Princess
The Wheelman
The Grande Dame
The Good Girl
Back in Our Orbit
The Muscle
The Funnywoman
The Superheroine
The Scaled-Down Sorcerer
The Faithful Friend
The Dramatic Comic
The Critical Crush
The Sweetheart Gone Serious
The Ingenue in Intermission
The Young Captain
The Fast-Rising Funnyman
The Sticky Situation
The Next Act
The Star Support
The Veteran
The Secretive Agent
The Screw-Up Turned Grown-Up
The Comic Anchor
The Man of Action
The Girl Gone Wild
The Queen of the Galaxy
The Formidable One
The Brawler
The Anxious Clown
The Pedigree
The Savvy Spaz
The Dialed-Back Funnyman
The Gold Standard
The Modest Movie Star
The Actor's Actor
The Stealth Star
The Prolific Provocateur
The Intense New Face
The Payday-Seeker
The Graduate
The Good American
The Off-Kilter Comic
The Renaissance Man
The Aspiring Ingenue
The Savior
The Dude
The Streaming Star
The Enigma
The Revamp
The Solid Stuffed Shirt
The Straight Man
The Foe
The Performer
The Humble Powerhouse
The Studio Star Gone Indie
The Goof
The Punch
The Wit
The Breakthrough
The Broad Comic
The Matinee Idol Made Good
The Spare
The Tough Talent
The Actress Overdue for Awards
The Muse
The Powerful Placeholder
The Humble Hulk
The Reinvention
The Star in Repose
The Mischief Maker
The Retreat
The Mogul
The Missing Beauty
The Aspiring Avenger
The Songbird
The Major Talent with Mixed Results
The X Factor

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