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Before 2070 BCESovereigns: Heavenly, Earthly, and Tai. Emperors: Yellow, Zhuanxu, Ku, Yao, and Shun
2070-1600 BCEPossibly Fictional: Led by Yu the Great
1600-1050 BCEBronze Age Dynasty. Started writing in China. Lived in Yellow River Valley.
1046-771 BCECreated Mandate of Heaven to justify Shang overthrow.
771-256 BCEKnow for Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period. Greatly advanced philosophy.
221-206 BCEReunifies China after Warring States Period, being the first Imperial dynasty. Led by the ruthless Shihuangdi.
206 BCE - 9 CEPeriod of philosophy and prosperity. Confucianism is used as a legal system and way to live.
9-23Short-lived dynasty led only by Wang Mang.
25-220 Prosperity of Han ensues, with expansion, knowledge, and culture.
220-265 or 280Period of war between the kingdoms of Wu, Shu, and Wei.
265-317China is slowly unified for 10 years, but falls apart after war and power struggles.
317-420Another unstable Jin dynasty. Fell after political struggles and Li Yiu's takeover.
386 or 420 - 589War torn period with miraculous cultural development of Taoism, Mahayana Buddhism, and art.
581-618Reunifies China and creates the Grand Canal.
618-907Beginning of the Golden Age of China. Politics, culture, military, and science flourish. Confucianism gains popularity once again, along with Taoism.
907-960Small kingdoms emerge in Chinese Central Plain. No political unification.
960-1127China greatly expands under the Song Dynasty. Paper money and gunpowder are created, true north is found, and agriculture is booming.
1127-1279After relocating southward, the Song Dynasty continues to succeed. The first navy is formed.
907-1125Nomadic Empire encompassing Russia, Mongolia, and China. Coincides with Five Dynasties and Northern Song Dynasty. Struggled between new Chinese tradition and old Khitan tradition.
1038-1227Sandwiched between the Song and Liao Dynasties. Notable for strong military.
1115-1234Took lots of Song territory in the North. Collapsed after Mongol devastation.
1271-1368Chinese Empire led by Mongols. Promoted trade and free thought. Not popular amongst traditional Chinese.
1368-1644Long-lasting, stable dynasty. Finished the Great Wall and promoted great naval explorations.
1644-1911Final Imperial Dynasty of China. Very short on money and high in population. Set the boundaries for present China.
1912-1949First Modern government of China. Weak centralized government promoting democracy and science. Fled to Taiwan after Communists take over.
1949-presentPresent-day China. The Communist government impacted the country greatly under leader Mao Zedong.

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