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Gold teeth and a curse for this town were all in my mouth. Only, i don't know how they got out, dear.
I like the way that they walk. And it's chill to hear them talk. And I can always make them smile. From White Castle to the Nile
You're so cute when you're slurring your speech, But they're closing the bar and they want us to leave.
So show me how to feel nothing, Show me how to feel safe. And I promise I will do the same. Do the same
I've been hoping your moping around the street again I've been tripping from sipping the dripping dirty water tap.
I was thinking it over by the snack machine. I thought about you and a candy bar. An hour later melon gum stuck between my teeth. I fell asleep to the greatest movie of the year.
'What a lovely day, yeah, we won the war. May have lost a million men, but we've got a million more.' All the people, they say.
I'm gonna tear your ass up like we just got married, And you're all mine now. Tonight is the night we've been waiting for all our lives Or maybe for just tonight.
Have you ever made out in dark hallways? Displayed a kiss that made your day or say. Played a track from your record collection, It's your mix congratulations
Come sit next to me, Pour yourself some tea, Just like grandma made, When we couldn't find sleep
Yellin I like the way you brush your hair, And I like those stylish clothes you wear, I like the way the light hit the ice and glare. And I can see you boo from way over there
And so I stayed up all night, Slept in all day. This is my sound. Thinking about tomorrow won't change how I feel today
Every time I dive in my pool. It's hard to be humble When I do the breast stroke through an underground tunnel.
Take me to your best friend's house I loved you then and I love you now oh yeah.
Don’t come back anytime, I’ve already had your kind. This is you pay back MoneyGrabber

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