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Can You Name the Word that Doesn't Belong (the Antonym/Irrelevant*)? DON'T Overthink it: Synonyms are Synonyms and Antonyms and Antonyms.

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Colloquy, Altercation, Interlocution
Fumigate, Cleanse, Relinquish
Ignore, Imitate, Emulate
Octogenarian, Veterinarian, Centenarian
Smidgen, Prodigious, Miniscule
Unequivocal, Ambiguous, Incontrovertible
Debonair, Vermin, Dapper
Permit, Restriction, Allowance
Contiguous, Coterminous, Intermontane
Feasibly, Definitely, Possibly
Unleash, Demarcated, Sequestered
Circumlocution, Elucidation, Exposition
Ingress, Egress, Entrance
Purposefully, Inadvertently, Accidentally
Austere, Placid, Strict
Circumlocutory, Interlocution, Periphrastic
Monologue, Silhouette, Soliloquy
Obliterated, Reimpose, Decimated
Wit, Apt, Suitable
Affluent, Rich, Influence
Infamous, Popular, Notorious
Conjecture, Reason, Guesswork
Bequeathed, Inherited, Endow
Mercurial, Predictable, Capricious
Computer, Pully, Telephone

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