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AHe was the FIRST president to be known with three names
BHe was the only president who never married
CHe was the president for two, non-consecutive terms
DThis was the type of pet, named 'Bo' that Obama got
EHe was a gerneral and the president on the last large sized dollar coin
FHe was not elected President or Vice President by the people
GHis name resembles a cartoon cat
HKnown as the 'Centennial President'
ILincoln, before president, took up clerking in New Salem in this state, when he was twenty one years old
JThis is the most common first name among US Presidents (There were six)
KHe was the fourth president to be assassinated
LHe was our tallest president
MHis wife during The War of 1812 saved the Lansdown Portrait of George Washington
NThe Watergate Scandal made this president resign
OHe is the first president born not in the continental United States
PThe shortest term in the history of the US Presidents was due with this illness
QHoover and Nixon were of this religion
RThe President who got us out of the Great Depression and through WWII
SHiram Ulysses Grant didn't want his initials spelling 'HUG' and therefore kept the name he is known mostly by with this middle name
TJohn Tyler was president when this state was annexed in 1845
UWhile the South was for the Confederacy, the North was for the _____
VHe came up with 'O.K.' ('Old Kinderhook')
WHe is on the largest denomination in American currency
XAn foreign affair in 1797 involving John Adams
YJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy was the ________ president to be elected to to die
ZTaylor's first name is this

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