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AHe is the first president to occupy the White House
BThis president never married
CThis president was the youngest to be governor in 1978 (governor of Arkansas)
DIn just one example, Obama got this type of pet in the White House
EA Commander in World War II icluding D-Day
FWilliam Howard Taft's bathtub was big enough to hold this many people
GThe president who sped and had to be pay $20.00
HHe spoke to his wife in Chinese so that it would only be between the two of them
ILincoln was born in Kentucky but from ________
JThe first president in history to be impreached
KMartin Van Buren was known as 'Old _________'
LThe tallest presidents
MThe third president to be assassinated
NHe was the only president to have taveled to every state in the union while he served
OFirst to be born not in the continental United States
PThe shortest presidential term in history was the result of this illness
QA couple presidents (Hoover and Nixon) were of this religion
RThis president was a Hollywood Actor
STruman had this synonymous middlename
TRutherford Birchard Hayes was the first to have this installed in the White House in 1879
UDuring the Civil War, Jefferson Davis and the South was for the Confederacy, but Abraham Lincoln and the North was for the _____
VWas known as 'The Little Magician'
WThis is the Infamous scandal that broke out, making Richard Milhous Nixon to resign on August 9, 1974
XA foreign 1797 affair involving John Adams, Elbridge Gerry, John Marshall, bribery, and a loan
YKennedy was the ________ president to be elected and to die
ZThis presidents first name begins with this letter

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