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Can you name the Answers to the Clues Regarding Pre United States History?

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Discoverer of the Americas
Year America was Founded
1st Ship of Columbus was called:
2nd Ship of Columbus was called:
3rd Ship of Columbus was called:
Indian Tribe Inhabiting Jamaica about 1496
The first colony was founded by this person
The name of the first settlement
The year this colony was founded
The state of this colony was located in present day:
This tribe was inhabited when they came
The tribe was named after an indian cheif who had a daughter princess of this name
The answer to the previous question married this man
They married in this year
The name of their son
The year SHE died
The year HE died
The name of ocean taken by the European Explorers to Eastern America
The name of the ship that came from England in 1620.
The name of the man who fell overboard but was saved by grasping onto a piece of rope
The name of his future wife
The name of this signed document
The settlement they landed on
The colony it was on
The name of the Indian that practically came out of nowhere and helped them with living such as planting corn and fishing
His tribe
The tribe that was also there and spent The First Thanksgiving
The Year of The First Thanksgiving
The name of the Indian Chief of the Wampanoag Tribe
The Quaker who Founded the Colony of Pennsylvania
This is the famous inventor of a LOT of stuff, signer of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, Developed the Lightning Rod
He was born in this year
He took this and attached it with a key in a lightning storm
He secretly got his work published in his brother's newspaper via this false name
This was later replaced by the current U.S. Constitution
This great war broke out mainly between the Red Coats and the Blue Coats
The Blue Coats were from this Country
The Red Coats were from this Country
This was the King of the Red Coats' Country (Be Specific)
This war started in this year
This is Independence Day!!!
George Washington and his men endured a very tough winter and starvation in this famous place
The war finally ended in this year
The new, official United States Constitution was signed on this date
This is the first colony to become a state
It was in this year:
This is our first president elected under the U.S. Constitution
He was from this state
He was born in this year
He died in this year

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