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Jem, Scout, and Atticus Finch1962
Sam Wheat, Molly Jensen, Oda Mae Brown 1990
Clark and Ellen Griswold1983
Rooster Cogburn and Mattie Ross 2010
President James Marshall and Ivan Korshunov 1997
Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks2006
Dr. Richard Kimble and Samuel Gerard 1993
Marshall, Mark, and Marty Stouffer1997
Captain Miller and Private Reiben 1998
Marion Ravenwood and Indy1981
Chris McCandless and Jan Burres2007
Two-Bit Matthews and Ponyboy Curtis1983
Nurse Ratched and R. P. McMurphy 1975
Jan Morrow and Brad Allen1959
Susan and Lorenzo Xavier Vega 1956
Alan Murdock and Joe Patroni 1974
Stephanie Speck, Number 5, and Newton Crosby 1986
Victor Laszlo, Ilsa Lund, and Rick Blaine1942
Hooper, Quint, and Brody1975
Dr. Emmett Brown and Clara Clayton1990
India Opal Buloni and the Preacher2005
Tacy and Nicholas 'Nicky' Collini 1953
Larry Daley, Cecil, and Sacajawea2006
King Little, King Bombo, and Gabby1939
Leigh Anne Tuohy and Michael Oher 2009
Luther and Nora Krank2004
Georgia Byrd and Matthew Kragen 2006
Solomon Northup and Uncle Abram 2013
Rhett Butler and Scarlett1939
Marlin and Dory2003
Dorothy and Toto1939
Sean Maguire and Prof. Gerald Lambeau 1997
Simba, Mufasa, and Scar1994
Officer Jack Traven and Annie Porter1994
George Bailey and Mary Hatch1946
Catherine Sloper and Morris Townsend 1949
Skeeter Phelan and Aibileen Clark 2011
Jedediah Leland and James W. Gettys1941
Edna Spalding, Moze, and Wayne Lomax 1984
Roger O. Thornhill and Eve Kendall 1959
Principal Ed Rooney and Cameron Frye1988
Frankie Dunn and Maggie Fitzgerald 2004
Viktor Navorski and Frank Dixon2004
Boolie Werthan and Hoke Colburn1989
Riley Poole and Ian Howe 2004
Scut Farkus and Grover Dill1983
E. F. Duncan and Kate McCallister1992
Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater 1997
Novalee Nation and Forney Hull 2000
Margot Mary Wendice and Mark Halliday 1954

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