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Can you name the famous people whose surnames begin with an 's'?

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CluePersonDates of this person
This British actress starred in 'A Room with a View'.1934-
This American author wrote 'Catcher in the Rye'.1919-2010
This English engineer built the first public railway line in the world.1781-1848
This British Prime Minister had a big, bushy beard that we all want for ourselves.1830-1903
This distinguished actor is most famous for playing Sir Thomas More.1922-2008
Quite simply, the greatet playwright of them all.1564-1616
This American painter has painted many famous people of his time.1856-1925
This Egyptian leader was assassinated in 1981.1918-1981
CluePersonDates of this person
This Swiss actor featured in 'Judgment at Nuremberg'1930-
This soul singer is best known for singing 'Son of a Preacher Man'.1939-1999
Name King Henry VIII's third wife.1508-1537
This Russian dictator agreed to a Nazi-Soviet Pact.1878-1953
This American singer was a member of the 'Rat Pack'.1915-1998
This Canadian actor's surname is also a Scottish county.1935-
This is the author of 'Frankenstein', the wife of Percy Bysshe1797-1851
Here lies the doomed captain of the 'Ship of Dreams'.1850-1912

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