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Can you name the The Crucible characters?

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description/quotecharacterwhat happens to them
'I only said she were readin' books...they come and take her out of my house'He gets pressed
'I thought I saw - someone naked running through the trees!'He walked out on the highroad and disappeared
'No, no, don't hang Tituba!'Little is known.
'You want a whippin?'Hanged.
'I saw Goody Booth with the Devil!'Legend has it she turned up later as a prostitute in Boston.
'Never, never!'Rumours.
'Pray you, someone take these!'Rumours
'Mr Hale. I do think you are suspecting me somewhat? Are you not?'She married again, four years after Proctor's death.
'Mr Proctor...Have you ever seen the Devil?'Research this infamous man for yourself.

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