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Can you name the answers which begin with the letter 'h'?

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German city.
International hotel chain.
I am a fat mammal from Africa. What am I?
Joseph Conrad book.
Battle that took place in 1066
Composer of 'Messiah'.
Author of the Iliad.
Airship that famously caught fire in 1937.
Surname of a successful American golfer.
British Invasion band whose hits include 'Bus Stop', 'Carrie Anne' and 'The Air that I Breathe'
One of the official languages of India.
Ancient Greek god of the underworld.
Alexander Pope: To err is .....; to forgive, divine.
Japanese car manufacturer.
A patient with imaginary symptons or ailments
Element with the symbol Hs and atomic number 108.
Children's playground game.
Eighteenth century artist who painted 'A Rake's Progress'.
Edward ..... was a Prime Minister of the UK
A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect.

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