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The 'Black Friday' bushfires struck this Australian stateJanuary 13th, 1939
This Italian cruise ship sank after running agroundJanuary 13th, 2012
This rapper died 6 days after being shot four timesSeptember 13th, 1996
This London palace was damaged by a German bombing raidSeptember 13th, 1940
This country's satellite launch test failed when the rocket broke up after launchApril 13th, 2012
An Air Force plane from this country, carrying a rugby team, crashed in the AndesOctober 13th, 1972
This New York woman was murdered while neighbours allegedly ignored her cries for helpMarch 13th, 1964
This Hurricane struck the Florida coast, killing 10August 13th, 2004
The state of Tennessee made it illegal to teach this in public schoolsMay 13th, 1925
This sign was unveiled in CaliforniaJuly 13th, 1923
This asteroid is predicted to pass very close to earthApril 13th, 2029
This legendary film director was bornAugust 13th, 1899
Members of this order were arrested by King Philip of France and later tortured to deathOctober 13th, 1307
A massive storm struck this country, leading to the deaths of over 500,000 peopleNovember 13th, 1970
An earthquake in this country killed over 1000 peopleMarch 13th, 1992

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