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Can you fill in the blanks on Chuck's narration?

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On ___ ___, ___, (3 words/month day, year)
the ___ millionth GM vehicle rolled off
the line at the plant in ___.
A ___ two-door Caprice.
There was a big ceremony, ___...
___ ___ even showed up. (2 words)
___ days later, another car rolled off that same line.
No one gave ___ ___ about her... (2 words)
But they should've. Because this 1967 ___ ___ (2 words)
would turn out to be the most ___ car...
no, the most important ___...
in pretty much the ___ ___. (2 words)
She was first owned by ___ ___, (2 words)
an alcoholic with two ___
and three blocked ___.
On weekends he'd drive around, giving ___ to the poor.
'Gettin' folks right for ___ ___.' (2 words)
That's what he said. Sam and ___
don't know any of this....but if they did, I bet they'd ___...
After Sal died, she ended up at ___ ___, (2 words)
a used car lot in ___...
where a young ___ bought her on impulse.
That is... after a little advice ___ ___ ___. (3 words)
I guess that's where this story ___.
And here's where ___ ___... (2 words)

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