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Can you fill in the blanks on Chuck's narration? (mild language)

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Endings are ___.
Any chapped ass ___ with a keyboard
can ___ ___ a beginning... (2 words)
but endings are ___.
You try to ___ ___ every loose end... but you never can. (2 words)
The fans are ___ ___ bitch. (2 words)
There's always gonna be ___.
And since it's the ending, it's all supposed to add up to ___.
I'm telling you... they're a ___ ___ ___ ___ ___... (5 words)
This is the last Dean and ___
will see of each other for a very ___ ___. (2 words)
And for the record.... at this point ___ ___ (two words)
Bobby will be hunting a ___ outside Dayton...
but ___ ___.
Dean didn't want ___ to save him.
Every part of him, every ___ ___ ___, (3 words)
wants to die...or find a way to ___ ___ ___. (3 words)
But he's not ___ do either...
Because he made a ___...
So what's it all ___ ___ ___? (3 words)
It's hard to say. But, me, I'd say this was a ___...
for Sam and Dean. And I think they did ___.
Up against good, ___, Angels, Devils,
and ___ ___...
They made their own ___.
___ ___ ___. (3 words)
And, well...isn't that kinda the whole ___?
___ ___, endings are hard. (2 words)
But, then again...nothing ever really ___...
___ ___? (2 words)

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