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Can you answer questions about Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural?

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What song is Charlie listening to in her first scene?
performed by
What is Charlie's real first name?
What is Charlie's real last name?
What actress plays Charlie?
What is the title of the book Charlie's mother read to her?
How did Charlie's parents die?
What is the name of the video game that Charlie stole and illegally distributed?
Where did Charlie work when she met the boys?
What was Charlie's job?
Who is Charlie's favorite Harry Potter character?
Charlie has a tattoo of ____ in a bikini, on a 20-sided die.
She got it while drunk at _____
In 'LARP and the real girl', Charlie's larping role was
of one of the four kingdoms of ____
In 'Slumber Party', Charlie, Sam and Dean watch episodes of what series?
In 'There's No Place Like Home', Sam and Dean visit surviving Man of Letters ____
to get the key to ___
In 'Dark Dyansty', Charlie works with ____ to decode the Book of the Damned
Charlie was killed while protecting the ____
from the ____ family.

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