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QUIZ: Can you fill in the blanks in Sherlock's speech in 'The Sign of Three?' (Part 2 of 3)

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If I burden myself with a little ___
during my ___,
this is not out of sentiment or ___.
It is that he has many ___ ___ (2 words)
of his own he has overlooked in his ___ with me.
Indeed, any ___ I have
for mental acuity and ___ comes,
in truth, from the extraordinary ___ John
John so ___ provides.
It is a fact, I believe, that ___
tend to favor exceptionally ___ ___ for their big day... (2 words)
there is a certain ___ there, I feel--
and ___ is, after all,
God's own plan to enhance the ___ of his creation.
Of it would be if God were not a ___ ___, (2 words)
designed to provide a career opportunity for the ___ ___. (2 words)

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