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Can you fill in the missing words on Sherlock's observations about John's phone from 'A Study in Pink?'

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___ Watson: clearly a family member who's given you his old phone.
Not your father, this is a ___ man's gadget.
Could be a cousin, but you're a war here who can't find a ___ ___ ___. (3 words)
Unlikely youve got an ___ family,
certainly not one your close to, so ___ it is.
Now, ___: who's ___? (The same word fits both blanks.)
Three ___ says a romantic attachment.
Expensive phone says wife, not ___.
Must've given it to him ___;
this model's only ___ ___ old. (2 words)
___ in trouble then, six months on,
and already he's ___ ___ ___? (3 words)
If she'd left ___, he would've kept it.
People do, ___.
But no, he wanted ___ ___ ___--- he left her. (3 words)
He gave the phone to you, that says he wants to ___ ___ ___. (3 words)
You're looking for ___ accomodation,
and you're not going to your ___ for help?
That says you've got ___ with him.
Maybe you liked his wife, maybe you don't like his ___.

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