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Can you name the bones of the skull and face?

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middle part of cranial floor, bat-shaped. cradle for pituatary glands
tiny bumps projecting into nasal cavity to trap debris in inhaled air.
most superior and lateral walls of cranium. meet at the midline of skull at a suture.
cheekbones, floor and lateral part of orbits
the bridge of the nose
membrane-filled spaces between the cranial bones that are present at birth
back of cranium, posterior. contains foramen magnum and occipital condyles
contains root of teeth and lower jaw. only movable joint in facial bones. strongest and largest facial bone.
rounded projection of the temporal bone behind the ear canal
inferior sides of cranium, part of cranial floor. contains mastoid and styloid process
anterior part of cranial floor, medial wall of orbits, superior portion of septum, roof of nasal cavity-contains sinuses
smallest bones of the face, tear tubes pass through
immovable joints found between skull bones
connected system of hollow cavities amplifying the sounds we make. they drain nasal passages
posterior palate (roof of mouth)
the ammount of facial bones
the amount of cranial bones
makes up the forehead, roof of orbits and most anterior part of cranial floor- contains sinuses
upper jaw, articulates with every facial bone except mandible. forms hard palate
inferior to nasal septum

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