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the stage of mitosis where most of the cells life is spent growing
the DNA of each chromosome is copied
Are shaped like X's and are in the nucleus
chromosomes made up of two 'sister chromatids' attached at the center or at the
what does the cell do for most of it's life
longest stage of the cell cycle
the cell grows durring three separate parts of interphase called
the begining stage of mitosis
the stage where chromosomes bunch up and spindle fibers begin to form
the stage where chromosomes attach to spindle fibers and line up in the center of the cell
the stage where each chromosome separates from its identical twin begin to be pulled toward opposite poles
another word for a chromosome's identical twin
the stage where each side of the cell has a complete set of chromosomes and spindle fibers disappear
when one cell divides into two complete cells in eukaryotic cells
occurs at the end of mitosis
first part in the cell cycle
from G1 all the way through G2 is what stage
second part of the cell cycle
last part of the cell cycle
cells cease division in which part of the cell cycle

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