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History HintPeople/Places
Who was the Marshall Plan named after?
Who was the President during the start of the Great Depression?
Hitler hated these people.
Famous photographer who took 'Migrant Mother'
The stock market crashing caused this major event.
This Ocean surrounds Great Britain and France.
What allows citizens to own private property and be entitled to profit from it?
A massive killing of a certain group of people.
Place where Japan attacked U.S.
The most famous baseball star of the 'Jazz Age.'
History HintPeople/Places
A President must be at least what age to go into office?
Success that comes through individual effort and private enterprise is known as what?
Married to Eleanor Roosevelt.
'Okies' came from what state?
Communism still exists in this country today.
AAA stands for what New Deal program?
Americans have the right to this.
Place where Jews were sent during the Holocaust
What amendment made alcoholic beverages illegal in the U.S.
The Home Loan Bank Act took place in what year?

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