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QUIZ: Can you name the Lord Of The Flies?

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Leader of the pack
Elected at beginning of the story by almost everybody else 
Envies Leader
Turns evil 
The follower of the boys
Not important to some boys 
Becomes Jacks evil sidekick
Minor character at first 
Link for communication
Found by Piggy and Ralph 
The author of the story
British male 
Is murdered by the other boys on the island eventually
One of the more quiet boys 
The boy that Roger kills at Castle Rock
Upsets Ralph greatly 
Main sorce of food for the littluns
Found on trees mostly 
The thing that Jack and his hunters are obsessed with getting
Smaller animal found deeper in the jungle 
The boy who talks to the Lord of the Flies
The same quiet boy from before, dies shortly afterwards 
The thing almost all boys fear on the island
Possibly a myth 
The disorder that Simon suffers from
Causes seizures and sometimes fainting 
The twin boys on the island
2 names often pushed into one 
Ralph is obsessed with building...
A place for the boys to live or sleep at night 

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