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Cornell Criteria: R+S in V3 > ___ mm in males.
Cornell Criteria: R+S in V3 > ___ mm in women.
Other: S in V1 + R in V5or6 > ___ mm if age > 40
Other: S in V1 + R in V5or6 > ___ mm if age 30-40
Other: S in V1 + R in V5or6 > ___ mm if age 16-30
Other: Max R + S > ___ mm
Other: R wave in V5 > ___ mm
Other: R wave in V6 > ___ mm
R in I + S in II > ___ mm
R in I > ___ mm
S in aVR > ___ mm
R in aVL > ___ mm
R in aVF > ___ mm
(left / right) atrial abnormality
(left / right) axis deviation
Onset of intrisicoid deflection > ___ sec
Small or absent R waves in leads V1 - ___
Absent ___ waves in I, V5, and V6
Abnormal ___ waves in II, III, aVF
Prominent ___ waves, especially in leads with large R and T waves
R wave amplitude in V6 (greater / less) than V5, provided there are dominant R waves in these leads

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