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the relation between the quantities of substances that take part in a reaction or form a compound
Balance: __Fe+3Mg2-->2FeMg3 (write out number)
Barbie= 1head, 2arms, 2legs,1torso. What is the limiting reactant? heads=1 mil., arms=2 mil., legs=20, torsos=5mil.
what do you have to find first to find out how much excess reactant is left over?
Reactants that dont run out after a chemical reaction takes place
how many moles of O are there? 2Mg+O2-->2MgO (write out the number)
Conersion factor given by the coefficients in a balanced equation.
How many moles of 'Ca' are there? 56575467Ca+Mg-->Ca56575467Mg
Balance: 1Mg+__HCl--> 1MgCl2+1H2 (write out the number)
(use equation from #9) If you start with 7 moles of Mg and 8 moles of HCl, which is the limiting reactant.

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