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QUIZ: Can you name the Holes (The Movie)?

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What is Zero's real name?
What do Stinky Feet's shoes have on the sides?
In depth and diameter, how big does each hole have to be?
Who portrays Stanley Yelnats III?
How long is Stanley to stay at Camp Greenlake?
What does Pendanski spell just before Zero hits him with his shovel?
Who is Stanley's mentor at Camp Greenlake?
Who portrays Mr. Sir?
Where does Stanley Yelnats I 'find refuge'?
At Camp Greenlake, whose bed did Stanley occupy upon arrival?
Where does Elya Yelnats live before America?
What is Pendanski's nickname?
What is Stinky Feet's real name?
Who wrote both the novel and the screenplay to Holes?
Why does everyone call Hector 'Zero'?

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