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Can you name the Important People in Percy Jackson & The Olympians?

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Son of Poseidon
Daughter of Athena 'Wise Girl'
Son of Poseidon's Best Friend
Half Man-Half Goat
Son of Poseidon's Best Friends Girlfriend
Daughter of Ares
Daughter of Aphrodite
Son of Hermes 'Traitor'
Son of Hephaestus
Sons of Hermes
Daughter of Zeus, Huntress
Sons of Dionysus, Twins
Son of Poseidon's Half Brother
Son of Hades
Daughter of Hades
Trainer of Half-Bloods
Head of Security at Camp Half-Blood
In The Attic of the Big House
God of the Sky
God of the Sea
God of the Underworld
God of War
Goddess of Wisdom
Goddess of Home & Hearth
Goddess of Love
God of the Sun, Prophecy, Music & Healing
Goddess of the Hunt and Moon
Goddess of Agriculture
God of Wine & Camp Director
Goddess of Marriage
God of the Forges
God of Travelers, Merchants & Thieves
God of Winds
Goddess of Springtime
God of the Wild
Goddess of Balance & Retribution
River Styx Ferryman
Three Headed Dog
Half Man Half Horse
Sucks up The Sea & Everything In It
Part Lion, Goat, & Snake, Breathes Fire
One Eyed Monsters
Mother of All Monsters
Monsters That Appear as Cheerleaders
Hundred-Handed Ones
Dogs of Hades
Half Horse Half Sea Serpent
Monster With Many Heads, Breathes Fire
Dragon That Guards the Apples of the Hesperides Sisters
Body of a Lion, Human Face
The First Monster the Protagonist Fights
Winged Horses
Guard Dragon of the Golden Fleece
People Sized Vultures
Monster With Six Heads That Pluck Sailors From Their Ships
Monster With The Body of a Lion and Head of a Woman
Sea Demons That Are Part Seal, Dog and Human
Worst Monster of All
Son of Athena, Famous Inventor
God of Doorways and Choices

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