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QUIZ: Can you name the terms of Shorewood?

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At the intersection of _______ and _______
Division _ School
Rival School
Assistant Principal
SHS Mascot
Red and ____
AP Calculus, He put the 'Wood' in Shorewood
AP English, Has a Man-Cave
AP Physics, 'Fast and Furious'
_____ Mane
______ Square, Free Pie Day
JDJ, 'The Copperdome'
Martin Vogt's 'Hay____'
Buzz ____ for ______
Shorewood+ Messmer
AP Biology, Sarcasm
AP Chemistry, 'Griz Biz'
AP Art
AP Statistics
__ for that Ass
Similar to a Wrench
_____ _______ Attack
National _____ Society
One of the two Librarians
SHS Bands: ___ster or ____paradox
To escape quickly or flee for fear of consequence

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