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DefinitionPerson or Place
English explorer who sailed for the Dutch and landed at the coast of present-day New York.
Spainiard who fought for Native Americans.
Ancient Native American civilization of Mesoamerica, A.D. 200-900
Puritan leader who became the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Founder of England's first American colony.
Catholic owner of the colony of Maryland
Italian sailor who sailed for the English and is believed to have landed in Newfoundland, Canada.
Groups of people who settled in permanent villages or towns.
Native American civilization that sread through what is now Mexico, A.D. 1300-1520
Puritan dissenter who established Rhode Island
French Protestants
Leader of the Jamestown colony
Native American civilization that developed in what is now Peru, A.D. 1400-1500
West African kingdom that prospered between A.D. 700 and 1000.
Christian group that broke away from the Catholic Church.
Founder of Georgia
Groups of people who settled in villages or towns but moved every few years in search of food.
Native Americans who built great mud-brick cities.
Italian navigator who looked for a faster route to Asia.
The far western edges of the colonies
DefinitionPerson or Place
French sailor who sailed up the St. Lawrence River to present-day Montreal.
Mountain range stretching from eastern Canada to Alabama
Governor of the Dutch colony of New Netherland
Central African kingdom in the 1400s that engaged in warfare and slavery.
Freeman, rebel leader who led rebellion in Virginia.
Groups of people who moved continually in search of food.
Puritan dissenter who was banished from Massachusetts
Quaker founder of Pennsylvania
Introduced indigo as a successful plantation crop
Conquistador who brought the Aztecs to ruin.
Christian followers of the Roman Catholic Church
Founder of fur-trading post at Quebec
American writer, publisher, scientist, inventor, and diplomat.
New York Publisher, freedom of the press
Preacher who delivered fier sermons during the Great Awakening.
Preacher who drew large crowds during the Great Awakening; helped orphans
First permanent English colony in North America.
English philospher who argued that people have natural rights.
English governor appointed to rule the reorganized northern colonies.
City on the Delaware River

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