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Can you name the members of wreckers from Transformers (Universe: Featuring the Wreckers)? SPOILERS FROM COMICS!

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HintAnswerExtra Info
Robotic gorilla/gorilla on virtual digiboardMaximal
Transmetal 2 spider
Robotic tiger
Cybertronic fighter jetDecepticon, former wrecker, traitor
Cybertronic racerAutobot bounty hunter
Catapult and a mace-shaped 'bollo' missileMaximal, OFFLINE
Transmetal pteranodonPredacon
Battle emplacementMaximal, OFFLINE
Transmetal rat/rat with wheelsMaximal, OFFLINE
Transmetal 2 ape, jet, armored transportMaximal
Transmetal 2 ibexMaximal
HintAnswerExtra Info
Siege 'Energon Crossbow' weaponMaximal, OFFLINE
Futuristic race carOFFLINE
Twin-rotor assault helicopterPredacon
Cybertronic carrier truckFused form of Primal Prime and Apelinq
Cybertronic fighter jetDecepticon
Transmetal 2 batMaximal, OFFLINE
Transmetal 2 frogMaximal turned Predacon, OFFLINE
Porsche 924 Turbo
Transmetal tigerMaximal
Technorganic lionAlly of Wreckers (Not a member)

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