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QUIZ: Can you name the Facts that I know about My Chemical Romance?

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What year was Gerard Way born?
I'm not asking....
What was MCR's second album?
What was MCR's fourth album?
What was MCR's first album?
What was MCR's goodbye song?
What song was dedicated to the Way Brothers grandmother?
What was Gerard's favorite lyric?
When was the band formed?
Here's the questionYou Got It!
Frank Iero and Gerard Way, Romance?
What was MCR's fifth album?
What is Gerard Way's favorite colour?
What is Gerard's daughter named?
Can you guess what song from The Black Parade I sang at my schools talent show?
When did My Chemical Romance say goodbye?
What was MCR's third album?
Is Frank Iero a vegetarian?
When did the black parade 'die'?

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