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Walked out of WrestleMania WWE Champion
Won and lost WWE Championsip at this event
Entered WrestleMania as WWE champion
Manager who played a part in both WWE title matches
Lost Intercontinental title match by countout
Challenger for IC title
Accompanied IC champion
Accompanied IC challenger
Out of his 21 WM wins this was the only win by DQ
Used chloroform as a weapon
Carried the urn to the ring
Introduced the chloroform rag into the match
Knocked his opponent out after the match with a forearm
Was the man who got knocked out by the above answer
Retained Tag Team Championship
Retained Tag Team Championship
Lost Tag Team Championship match
Manager of the Mega-Maniacs
Won via small package
Veteran making his WM debut to face above opponent
Lost by getting hit with a prosthetic arm
Had a duplicate version of himself appear
Winning tag team from Michigan
Winning tag team from Michigan
Lost to above tag team
Lost to above tag team
Manager of the losing above team
Ring Announcer
Historical Figure appearance
Historical Figure appearance
Won dark match
Host City
Host Arena
Year Held

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