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QUIZ: MCAT recall for Cognition, Consciousness and Language

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The building blocks of words
Sleep cycle order
The actual sound of speech
Word Order
Language acquisition in innate
Controls language comprehension
The meanings of words
Language acquisition is caused by desire to communicate with others
Drugs that include cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines. Increase dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin concentration.
Hormone released by adrenal cortex to promote wakefullness.
Piaget's stage that focuses on abstract thought and problem solving
The tendency to use objects only in the way they are normally utilized
Changes in language delivery depending on context
Piaget's stage that focuses on understanding the feelings of others and manipulating physical objects.
Drug addiction is mediated by the....
Beta and alpha waves dominate the EEG. during this state of consciousness.
Drugs that include LSD, peyote, ketamine....
Rules of thumb to help make decisions.
Piaget's stage that focuses on symbolic thinking, egocentrism, and centration.
Piaget's stage that focuses on manipulating the environment to meet physical needs. Object permanence ends this stage.
The lens through which we view and interpret the world is created by language
Sleep stages dominated by theta waves.
Drugs that include heroin, morphine, oxycodone....
Language acquisition is controlled via operant conditioning and reinforcemnt
Slow wave sleep stages that are dominated by delta waves.
Hormone released by pineal gland to induce sleepiness.
Drugs that include alcohol, barbiturates and promote or mimic GABA activity in the brain.
Controls motor function of speech
The mind appears to be awake but the person is still asleep during this stage of sleep.

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