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Leader of Toa Nuva
Obnoxious talking plant
Ga-matoran Chronicler
Parasitic pilots of Bohrok
(Above) Their unfortunate side product
Acid Bohrok
Tasked with 'fixing' Matoran
(Above) His brother
Headed the Toa Mangai
Toa of water with the Nui Stone
First Toa of Light
Makuta of brawn, rather than brains
Rahkshi of Anger
Leader of the OoMN
Yellow, one-eyed Rahi
(Above) Lizard his kind rides on
Leader of Piraka
Nidhiki's brutish partner
Supreme Turaga of Metru Nui
Ko-Matoran servant of the OoMN
Lead the Toa Hagah
Deputy for Toa Nuva
Other commander of Visorak hordes
Inventor of the Boxor
Rahkshi of Hunger
Captain of Onu-Koro Ussalry
GB sought out by Sisters of Skrall
Half a Skakdi that guarded the MoL
Rahkshi of Poison
Po-Matoran trader/traitor
Toa of Air that wandered into the Pit
Broke an island, got sent to the Pit
The Barraki's 'Shark'
Turaga that speaks the language of birds
(Above) Who taught him
Glatorian that tamed the Iron Wolves
Kolhii star of Po-Koro
Captain of Ta-Matoran Guard
'Mad Scientist' Makuta
(Above) His lab assistant
Zone of Shadows inhabitant
The Invisible Man of the OoMN
Co-founder of the Dark Hunters
Glatorian pilot of Skopio XV-1
Once Agori, now a serpent
Veteran Glatorian of Tajun
Our favorite Scarabax Beetle
Female viceroy of the Visorak
Rahi able to cure Shadow Matoran
BoM spy among the Barraki
'Fake' Bohrok
Members of BMs Rock Tribe
(Above) Their leader
(Above 2) What forced them to migrate
Bohrok of Water
Skakdi warlord with a robot named after him
Agori handyman of Tajun
OoMN survivor of the Visorak
Forged the Mask of Time
Female Dark Hunter with a mechanical left arm
Jailer of the Pit
(Above) His lookalike now running amok
(Above 2) His Energy Hound
Plotted to take over a giant robot
Robotic police of Metru Nui
Toa Nuva of Air
Iconox Glatorian who fought dirty
Toa Hagah of Stone
Rookie Glatorian of Tesara
Toa Mahri that used the MoL
Bohrok of Earth
Temporal being that hunts the MoT
Elite Visorak
Leader of the Dark Hunters
(Above) His most trusted servant
Modified the Skakdi, failed miserably
Toa Nuva of Stone
Former leader of BoM
Prime Glatorian of Tesara
Toa Mahri of Air
Axe-wielding guardian of the MoL
(Above) His former partner
Bohrok of Stone
Piraka known as 'The Trigger'
Turaga of Voya Nui
Toa of Light from 'The Kingdom'
Rahkshi of Disintegration
Teleporting courier of OoMN
Former rollerblade-wearing HoA member
Toa held in stasis by the Dark Hunters
Bohrok of Fire
Lead Voya Nui Resistance Team
The Great Spirit
Novice Toa of Sonics in OoMN
Piraka known as 'The Drifter'
Heads the search for the GBs (Glatorian)
Bohrok Queens
Toa Nuva of Earth
Shape-shifting Rahi facing an identity crisis
GBs Toa doomsday device

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