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Can you name the Character that did these Awesome Walker kills?

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Forced Order
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What HappenedCharacterSeason
The car boot door was smashed on the walkers head3
A walker was hit by a golf ball that was driven off the wall3
A Scythe was swung at the back of the walkers head and the tip came out the front2
Walkers head was repeatedly stumped on after being dragged out of a truck3
After the walkers body being ripped in half an iron bar was swung into its brain2
Shoot a walker in the head after getting an arrow to the hip2
Used a broken leg of a chair that they was tighed to after freeing them selves3
A gun was put in a dead body to shoot through to the walker on top that was out of aim2
What HappenedCharacterSeason
After losing thier amo they pushed the walker into a tree and stumped on the head of the walker2
The walkers neck was sliced into by a shelf and then the walker was killed by an axe to the brain2
A pitch fork was swung up through the walkers neck and out through the top of the head2
After using the knife to cut them self free at the last minute they used it to kill the aprouching walker2
They broke wind screen wiper off and stabbed the walker that was breaking through the window2
Used the wire they were tied up in to rap round the walkers neck and slice it off3
Use thier first walker kill with a bat they knock the walker to the ground and smashed the walkers brain in1

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