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Can you name the SISTER??

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QuestionAnswer (Sister first AND last name)
Which sister was born at an Air Force Base? HINT: She also LOVES Outback Steakhouse
Which sister is a second degree blackbelt in martial arts?
Which sister is a legacy who is currently in Greece?
Which sister is 100% Italian and who is extremely outgoing?
Which sister is a from Margate, New Jersey?
Which sister is a member of the organization Operation Smile?
Which sister speaks fluent Hebrew and is part of Hillel and the Israel club?
Which sister is a global affairs major who was born and raised in Europe?
QuestionAnswer (Sister first AND last name)
This sister can finish crossword puzzles in less than 20 minutes!
This sister is from Bangkok, Thailand
This sister is on the Dive Team
Name two sisters that are in Student Government
This sister has been cage diving with sharks twice, and also LOVES to dance!
Sister from Brasil/Bolivia and who lives in an LLC
Sister from Warrenton, VA who is the only greek in her family

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