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Can you name the facts about the novel 'Frankenstein'?

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Who is the author of Frankenstein?
What genre is the novel?
What is the novel also known as, as a reference to Greek mythology?
This work by Milton heavily inspired the novel:
What is the name of the first narrator in the novel?
What is the name of the man who creates the monster?
Who is this man's best friend?
And his lover?
And his brother, who is murdered?
And his other brother?
Who is blamed (wrongly) for the brother's murder?
What is the name of the professor who inspires the creator of the creature?
Where do the Frankenstein family live?
What is the name of the family who teaches the creature after he is abandoned?
What is different about the father of the family?
Name the two children of the family:
Who is the lover of the son of the family?
After the creature is rejected by the family, what does he ask his creator to do?
Where does the creator go to do this?
On what night does the creator's lover die?
What is the first narrator's decision after hearing the whole story?
What is the main message of the novel: Humans must not abuse...

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