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Can you name the missing lyrics from the song 'I Feel Like Dancing' by All Time Low?

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LyricsMissing Lyrics
______ said she wants to run away
Says I look like a boy she _____ _______ ______
Took me by the hand and pulled me to the ______
Put her ______ up in my ear
Almost made me _____ _______ ________
She's up and ready to go but _____ ______ ______
'Cause I'm in the zone _______ _______ _______ _______
I've got my own _______
I feel like dancing ________
I'm gonna party like it's my ______ ________
It doesn't matter where I don't care if _______ _______
'Cause I feel like dancing _______
Everybody's getting kinda _______
I think some dude just ______ ______ ______
Now I know how ______ must be feeling
______ tried to turn me upside down
I put a _____ ______ to my mouth
But that's okay I'm dancing on the _______
'Cause I've got the groove I'll _______ _______ ______
Just try and ______ me
Somebody call the ______
I think they're coming to _____ ______
They said, 'You've got the right to _______ ______ ______ _____ _____
So show us what you got 'cause you know ______ ______ _____ _____'

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