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Can you name the songs from Atreyu's album 'Congregation of the Damned' from lyrics given?

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Hollow nights and empty days something had to change
Are you hanging by a thread or swinging from the rope
Children of the night throw your hands up in the air
I get carried away lost in a moment torn into pieces of violent display
It's all so different now emotions burn me out I have a lifeless touch this distance leaves no doubt
Take, take we take our time we leave no one else behind
Gluttonous we feed on power never looking back we've killed more than we need
Will you fight back and keep what's rightfully yours! Time to fight what's blocking you
Oh no, oh no I watch the clouds roll in, oh no, oh no it's happening again
You can't manufacture happiness try forever you would be remissed
Every day take your beatings lead the way or decay as you fall down
My heart was broken stitched shut again by those who beat for me and you
When I have everything I want will I be good enough? But I can't have everything
From the ties that hold you down from the grips of loneliness there's something missing in my life that I'm running after
Desperate clear quite thin air I feel that this all it can take
You never see it hit you until it smashes you in the face

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