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Who was North Korea's first dictator?
Who was North Korea's second dictator?
Who is North Korea's currect dictator?
Who was supposed to be North Korea's current dictator but got arrested in 2001?
What countries surround North Korea?
What is the name of North Korea's tallest volcano?
Does North Korea have the Internet or an Intranet?
Can North Korean citizens drive vehicles?
What is the name of the untested North Korean missile with an estimated range of 4,100 miles?
True or false: The North Korean army has less than one million men
What is the North Korean food that is a sort of pickled cabbage called?
What fraction of North Korean children are malnourished?
How does the North Korean government get most of its income?
How many North Korean GDPs per capita would it take to make one South Korean GDP per capita?
True or false: People don't have free religion in North Korea.
How much shorter on average were the North Koreans compared to the South Koreans after the Korean war?

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