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Forced Order
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acquired by force, usually in war
woer, one wishing to marry the one they woe
prevent someone's plans or wished from being fulfilled
weird, mysterious, strange
eating large amounts of food quickly
rude, haughty
cleverly, cunningly
act of pouring out wine as a religious offering
fleet of small vessels
polished by friction
very harmful, destructive
brave, noble, chivalrous
food of the gods
bitter jeer or blame
stubborn, willful, obstinate
coarse, cruel, inhuman person
pry out
cowardly, submissive
intoxicating, exciting
cowered, shrunk back in fear
most important quality or something / main
radiant, shining
decent, ancestry
to deal out as punishment or justice
chains, hand-cuffs
pile of wood for burning corpses
annoy, irritate
renounce, give-up
satisfy a desire or thirst
skilled at gaining an advantage
grimly mocking, cynical, or sarcastic
generous and forgiving to rivals or people lesser than you
reflecting deep, serious thought
soon fading out of sight, memory, or existence
demonstrating skill and cleverness
not honourable in character or purpose
tirade; lengthy aggressive speech
criticize in an angry or abusive manner
having a self-assured manner
an animal pursued by a hunter or predatory animal
refusing to obey orders
without injury or harm
salt water
walking or behaving in a confident way
a small wood, orchard, or group of trees
sacred, holy (honour as or make holy)
agitate or turn vigorously
a person in exile or the state of being kept from going home
attractive and impressive, usually through colour
being able to deal with problems
ageless and undying
being able to avoid painful and embarrassing topics
a messenger of news
grow weak (~in despair)
move slowly in a shuffling manner
a priest/priestess who tells prophecies, elsewise a place where prophecies are made
sly or cunning intelligence

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