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the state of being unable or unwilling to believe something
extremely impressive
an act of foolishness
all future generations of people
scrupulous moral vigour, esp. hostility to social pleasures and indulgences
a taste (for something)
cheerful & confident about the future
the act of performing an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act in a group, usually against a greater power one disagrees with
possibility of change
not having one clear or definite meaning/able to be understood in multiples ways
a long speech that stops others from talking
disperse or scatter/squander money, energy, or resources
bias; prejudice to a particular cause
documents, manuscripts (etc...) that have been re-written
to hide real feelings or intention by pretending to have different ones
seeming right or true, but actually wrong or false
disputing or bargaining with (esp. over the cost of something)
a person who engages in sabotage
a belief or opinion against your religion or an orthodoxy
a person making an inquiry, usually one seen to be especially hard or searching
publicly declare to be wrong or evil
impossible to read
refuse to accept of associate with
out-ward and visible behaviour/bearing
contrary to what is usual
an opening in a pipe, tube, or body (s.a. nostril)
containing several syllables
a short stick carried by police as a weapon
regard with respect
increase rapidly in numbers; multiply
a crude figure representing a hated person
a small group of people that have control of a country, organization, or institution
a severe fear
obliterate/utterly destroy
wooden paneling that lines the lower part of the walls of a room
lacking energy or enthusiasm
understand after much thought
old & no longer used
feeling that someone is unworthy of respect
the act of subduing someone or something by force

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